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1 January
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Razas was never really all that good at the corrupting-the-innocent, torture and brimstone thing. He much prefers researching the arcane and occult, which is how he ended up permanently bound to a grimoire (damned Persian sorcerers, you just can't trust them).

But, you know. Considering that little . . . "misunderstanding" he had with Lucifer? It was better than going back to Hell.

And now? Well, he's had a little . . . Talk with Dad, and suddenly the grimoire doesn't hold him bound and his wings are fledging out again. All things considered? It's a damn unnerving time to be a (former) demon.

An RP journal for pretendy funtimes only. Not Brent Spiner, not a grimoire demon. Played by the same mun as guriel and stirsthewaters, definitely over the age of 18.